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Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Starting in the fall semester of 2014, Richmont Graduate University will be offering a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction.  We have developed the below list of questions to help you better understand the program and how your life, and other’s lives, will be changed by this program.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Christian spiritual direction is a ministry of holy listening in which one person helps another notice the Triune God’s active presence and perceive the Holy Spirit’s movement in their ordinary life. Spiritual directors journey with directees, assisting as they deepen their lived intimacy with Christ, the One True Director.

What does the Certificate in Spiritual Direction program entail?

The curriculum for the Certificate in Spiritual Direction consists of five 3-credit hour courses.  Each course is designed where two thirds is focused on the content and one third is focused on putting the content to practice.  The practical component will include supervision while offering or giving spiritual direction one on one, in triads or in groups.

Course work will be taught both online and through residential modules including a week-long orientation as well as at least two three day intensive courses. The program is designed to be completed in 15 months or 4 consecutive semesters.

What are experts saying about Spiritual Direction at Richmont?

Here is what Jan Johnson–Author, Teacher and Spiritual Director said about the Richmont program.  PS: She is also going to be a faculty member in the program!

I can think of no finer leaders of a spiritual direction training program than Sharon Rowland and Tim Harben. They bring to Richmont their deep life with God and hands-on, nuts-and-bolt knowledge of spiritual direction. Because they understand the contours of life with God and also “get” people. This is an ideal program for anyone.

What is the cost of the Certificate in Spiritual Direction?

Richmont’s costs are based per credit hour.  Students pay the current tuition and fee rates for the academic year they are taking classes.  Additionally students will need to budget for costs associated with travel for the on-campus classroom experiences as well as books for each course.

 How do I apply for the Certificate in Spiritual Direction?

 Application for enrollment in the Certificate in Spiritual Direction requires the following:

  • An undergraduate degree from an accredited academic institution.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended for credit.
  • Completed application to the Certificate in Spiritual Direction, which includes:
      • A written essay (2 pages) on the theme: “My sense of call to pursue the ministry of spiritual direction.”
      • Three references. Pastoral, Academic/Professional and Character.
      • An interview with a Richmont representative.

What are the Prerequisite Courses that are Required?

There aren’t any formal prerequisites for the program.  However, it is suggested that students have a familiarity (formal or informal training) with the following subject matter:

  • Spiritual formation and your experience of formation into Christ-likeness
  • Church history or Christian spirituality
  • Interpersonal skill development

Students should showcase their familiarity in these areas via their application materials and be prepared to speak about it during the interview process.  Students who have completed a certificate from the Renovare program has successfully fulfilled the familiarity component.

What course will I take as part of the certificate program?

Download the Certificate in Spiritual Direction Course List

When are the classes held?

Classes in the Certificate in Spiritual Direction are include on the class schedules for the School of Ministry

How can I find out more?

Complete the below form, and a member of our admissions team will contact you to provide you with more information about the Certificate in Spiritual Direction.





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*Pending SACSCOC Approval

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