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Official Transcripts

Official transcripts will only be released by Richmont upon receipt of a written request from the student including his or her handwritten signature. A signature from a friend, parent, or spouse on behalf of the student will not be accepted. Current and former students may request transcripts from the assistant registrar’s office in person, via fax or mail. A request form is available online and is the preferred method for submitting the request. Richmont will mail official transcripts to the recipient indicated on the request form. Alternatively, the student may receive the transcript in person from the assistant registrar or through the mail. In either case, the transcript will be in a sealed envelope with the registrar’s signature across the back. If the seal is broken, the transcript is no longer official. Transcripts will not be given to a student’s representative unless specifically indicated on the request with a signature. Richmont will not fax transcripts under any circumstances.

Official Transcript Request Form

Letters of request will be accepted in lieu of the Official Transcript Request form if they include the following information.

  1. Date of request
  2. Student’s name and previous names
  3. Social security number (optional)
  4. Student’s mailing address
  5. Approximate dates of attendance
  6. Year of Graduation
  7. Recipient’s name and mailing address
  8. Phone number & email Address
  9. Signature
  10. Payment

Regular processing time for transcripts is one business week, and there is not a charge for the first 5 copies of a transcript. These requests will be processed in the order received. If expedited service is required, a $10.00 fee will be assessed in addition to the fee per copy, payable upon request, and the transcripts will be prepared within 24 hours. If courier service is required, these charges will be passed on to the student. Payment of transcript fee(s) may be made by cash (in person only), check (payable to Richmont) or by credit card. Method of payment should be indicated on the request.

Official transcripts may not be issued for the following reasons:

  1. Financial holds from the Business Office.
  2. No signature on the request.
  3. Insufficient, inaccurate, or illegible identification information.
  4. Insufficient payment, an expired or declined credit card account, improperly completed check, payment using non-U.S. currency.

Unofficial transcripts are provided to current students upon request without charge for academic advising and personal use. The unofficial transcript is presented directly to the student, on plain white paper and may be duplicated. They are not suitable to obtain employment, transfer to another education institution, or verify degree. Richmont will release unofficial transcripts to via fax with the written consent of the student.

Should a student’s transcript or academic record be requested from Richmont by a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena, Richmont is required to issue the transcript after making a reasonable effort to contact the student. However, if the subpoena specifically orders the institution not to notify the student or if it is a federal grand jury subpoena, the transcript or academic record will be issued without notification to the student.

Important note: If a requested official transcript is not delivered because of an error on the part of Richmont, the Institute will gladly provide a replacement document at no additional cost. Richmont cannot accept responsibility for non-delivery if the address provided to is either incomplete or incorrect, nor can Richmont accept responsibility for timely delivery by the United States Post Office, Federal Express, or any other mail carrier used.

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